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      <li><span>TEL: </span>0086-871-66383852</li>
      <li><span>FAX: </span>0086-871-68303441</li>
      <li><span>WEB: </span>www.ynjgy.com</li>

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  • 荆门飞多聚机械有限公司


Enrollment Regulations of Yunnan College of
Business ManagementYCBMfor International Students
Ⅰ.Requirements for the Applicants

1. Any foreign student who is interested in studying the Chinese language or other listed subjects below is welcome to study in our college. To abide by the laws and regulations of China and the regulations of our province and our college. To be healthy and meet the demands of our physical examination. To have the capability of studying and living independence.

2. Applicants who want to study for diploma should have record of middle high school in China(this record must be notarized and translated to Chinese), and hold HSK 4 certificate (HSK 3 for science students). Students without HSK certificate should take part in Chinese class of our college. After passing exam, he or she can enter our diploma program.
II. How to Apply

1. Applicants should download and fill International Student Application Form for Yunnan College of Business Management and Physical Test Form from www.ynjgy.com. To abide by the laws and regulations of China and the regulations of our province and our college. The application form and the application fee of 250 Yuan or US $31 should be sended to Foreign Affairs’ Office of YCBM three month before the program starts. Please confirm your registration by sending Application Form to our email ynjgy@yahoo.com.cn.

2. In one month from we get Application Form, you will get a reply from our Foreign Affairs’ Office by e-mail. If accepted, you will receive our Admission Notice, and the JW202 form.

3. If your physical test is qualified, then you can apply for a study visa(X visa) or the F visa (if your stay does not surpass 4 months) at the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate with Admission Notice and JW202 form. In order to avoid illegal residence, please check the date on your passport and visa and ensure that they are valid. Also make sure that you arrive at YCBM before the date on your Notice of Admission.

4. On arrival please enroll with original passport and its copy, copy of visa, physical certificate, Admission Notice, JW202 form and 10 pictures (size: 35cm x45cm) at Foreign Affairs’ Office in Yunnan College of Business Management and then pay for the tuition.

5.After enrollment,the international students should apply for a residence permit as soon as possible. Charge for residence permit is 400yuan(one year period of validity).

6. Please don’t hesitate to refer Foreign Affairs’ Office if you have other questions.
III. Enrollment Date and Tuition Fee
1. Physical test: RMB 330yuan/person for those who study longer than 6 months.
2. Chinese class and short-time training course:
3. College Students for a Diploma:
Duration: 3 years; Tuition: RMB 12000 yuan / year. Each academic year has two terms. Each term has 20 weeks. Autumn term start in September and Spring term starts in February.
IV. Living Expenses
1. accommodation:

2. Teaching materials: RMB 400-500yuan/academic year. This expense will be deducted according to the actually use.

3. Food costs: students could have meal in dinning halls with campus for-all card, about 10-15yuan/day.
In addition, students can use outdoor basketball and football playground. For plastic football and volleyball playground, students need to pay some charge. Electronic reading hall of our library provides charged network service. Students can see doctor in our clinic or to other hospitals.

4. Library card: students who want to borrow books from library can get free library card, but pay 50 yuan deposit.
V. Other fees
Charge for physical test: 330yuan/person.
Charge for residence visa: 400-800yuan/person.
VI. Registration
New international students should bring 10 passport-sized photos, original passport, Admission Notice, Physical Test Record for Froeigner, Healthy Certificate,Blood Test Report, and JW202 form for registering. If this is your first time to Kunming, call or fax us your flight number and date if you need us to meet you at the airport. Maybe you will spend 50 minutes to go to our campus,which will cost you about 30yuan by taxi from Kunming airport. Please contact us if there is something you want to know by the number: +86-871-8303441.
Notice: As soon as you get the college, you should pay full tuition, accommodation fee, and insurance(medical treatment and accident) fee of one academic year. The application fee, tuition fee and insurance fee will not be returned.
VII.. Graduation and Completion of Courses
Corresponding diplomas will be conferred by YCBM on those who finish the obligatory Courses for his (her) major,pass all stated exams and Oral Defense. Students should follow Chinese law and college regulations. If didn’t pass any exam, students would get associate degree or drop-out ahead of schedule.
VIII. Contact us
Add: Yunnan College of Business Management 296, Haitun Road, Wuhua District, Kunming Ciry, Yunnan Province, P.R.C.
Zip Code:650106
Tel: 0086-871-66383852        Fax: 0086-871-68303441
Contact: Sophia Yu                 E- mail: ynjgy@yahoo.com            
Our website: www.ynjgy.com

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